Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday inspiration - Dinosaurs

I am back from a long vacation, with sporadic blogging over the last month. The school has started today here so we are back to the everyday routine.
Inspiration for today is: Dinosaurs. When I saw the following photo on Blackbird blog and the Clothespin dinosur DIY on Pinterest lately I knew I have post about this and make the clothespin dinosaurs with my boys (on a rainy day however we have summer wheather here still :-))


  1. Funny inspirational
    Happy back to the everyday routine.
    Hugs Vicky

  2. Thanks Vicky, it's hard and good at the same time to get back! I missed my blog and searching for nice and inspirational photos, so I am happy to have time for it now again.
    Hugs to you, Bori